The Waddling Warriors sadly are merging. I hate to do this but nobody came to the recruiting session. It’s very hard to do this but we have to. We will be merging into the Yellow Warriors. The Waddling Warriors can be remade just the Waddling Warriors 2G is merging 😦 . Since we have sadly merged please go to the Yellow Warrors site and join at .


May be merging

Well we haven’t been active lately so we may be merging. I am going to make an event tomorrow and that will determine if we are merging or not. We will be having a recruiting session.

Recruiting Session

September 14,2012


Times: 6 PM EST, 12 AM UK/GMT, 5 PM CST, 4 PM MST, 3 PM PST

Training Session/Helping RA

This will be our first events of the 2G! I am very excited to help Lime lead the Waddling Warriors 2nd Generation and I am very excited to lead WW. So we will be having a training session to train for future battles. Also we will be having an RA event and we will be invading Parka. Here is the information.

Training Session!

When: August 29,2012

Where: Klondlike,Town

Times: 2 PM EST, 7 PM UK/GMT, 1 PM CST, 12 PM MST, 11 AM PST

Invasion of Parka

Who: RA vs. SW and HSA

Where: Parka,Town

Times: 3 PM EST, 8 PM UK/GMT, 2 PM CST, 1 PM MST, 12 PM PST


Comment if you can/can’t make it.

Waddling Warriors 2G!

I am pleased to say that with the help of Cawasky, we will be creating a Waddling Warriors 2nd Generation! I am SOOOO excited to lead yet another army and my hope is to take back our former glory in the top ten! With lot’s of hard work, I believe that we can go farther! I will begin my leadership by updating and adding these things…

  • Update Nation page
  • Update Ranks
  • Add Legends page
  • Update chat
  • Update gfx (Get new banner, header, and background)
  • Update other widgets
  • Add new motto
  • Update Uniform
  • Update other pages 😀

Let’s take a look at the sizes we will get back and above in this generation 😀

Now, let’s Waddle our way to Victory


My last post :-(

Hey guys, actually sadly it’s time to say ‘goodbye!’ as this will be my last ever post for waddling warriors. I would like lime pumpkin to take charge and nominate another 1ic. I would also prefer us not to merge unless it’s into RV as I’m sure lime will find it harder leading two armies. I am retiring from all armies except RV so as to start afresh. Good luck!

People I will always remember

Lime pumpkin: you basically started this army I always noticed when you left for a while we would fall dramatically and when you came back, well we did the opposite, I will still see you around in RV and will stick with you too the friend

Robbybobby: you kept us going at the start until you had your first retirement(with many more to come!) then you drifted away from the army but never from me. You have now retired fully so you will not see this. At least being friends with SW wasn’t for Christmas :-). best friend

Van der sar best goal keeper ever on chat and Holly5877 or something like that: loyal acp soldier always at acp battles, only other UK friend didn’t see much off each other towards the end when I drifted away from major armies. best friend

Flipper 7706: not in this army but well known ACP leader you will not see this either but without you, I wouldn’t have made the army. good friend

And of course everyone else in waddling warriors: most of you have been there ’til the end!

I would like to stay on site incase I come back in times of need I will be on RV chat most of the time.



Summer splash tournament

Summer Splash tourny times.

Waddling Warriors vs. Fire Raiders
August 2
Times: 1:30 PM EST, 6:30 PM UK/GMT, 12:30 PM CST, 11:30 AM MST

Comment if you can come!

CPAF Summer Slam Tournament

We will be battling the Xtreme Guardian Warriors for the Club Penguin Army Focus Summer Slam Tournament this year. Here are the times, dates, and places for the tournament!

Waddling Warriors V Xtreme Guardian Warriors

Date: August 5th

Server: Klondike

Times: 11am PST || 12pm MST || 1pm CST || 2pm EST || 7pm UK/Port

Whitehouse for snowflake

Ok good news guys!

We get snowflake back from CPND in return for whitehouse. So basically our server page is the same as before we invaded koofcp.

Training session

Ok guys, to keep us all active we’re gonna have a training session. Here are the times!

When: saturday 28th July

7:00 PM GMT

2:00 PM EST

12:00 PM MST

1:00 PM CST

11:00 AM PST

my retirement party

 Well I’m retiring tomorrow i was going to be more helpful before i left but i got sick so i had to rest -_-.




3:00EST PM

2:00 CST PM

1:00MST PM

12:00PST PM

8:00GMT PM

Also don’t delete me off site. You never know if you guys are in trouble i may make a quick appearence.